Children 's Learning Behaviors And Social Skills

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How does the increase in the playtime for children, benefit children’s learning behaviours and social skills?

Independent: the independent variable in the psychology discipline is increase in children playtime; this is because children’s learning behaviours and social skills relies on how much playtime children’s get.

Dependent: the dependent variable in the psychology discipline is children learning behaviours and social skill; I know this because children’s learning behaviour and social skills is based on how much playtime children get. If children don’t get enough play time their learning behaviours and social skill will decline

3 main points:

* “Enhances kids’ learning readiness, learning behaviour, problem solving, …show more content…

Another way playtime benefit children is by allowing children they are communicative about their feelings, are able to express themselves through playtime, many children psychologist use playtime to be able to see what children are thinking, since they are unable to express themselves as deep as adults can. Also it allows parents with these sorts of children, to be able to communicate with their, to see the world through, and to be able to know what might be bordering them. Playtime helps psychologist and parents know what might be wrong with their children, so that they can be in a good psychological state. Another way playtime helps children psychology is that it helps children learn leadership skills, group skills, how to share, how to deal and solve conflicts and how to negotiate. These skills that are very important but cannot be taught through sitting in a classroom doing math or reading a book are taught through play. Children need to learn these because they are later use in classrooms, in their future jobs and in everyday life, we learn them by playing. The more playtime is eliminated from children’s everyday routine the less likely they are of learning this important live lessons, so now school boards want to send children out into the world with all of the academic skills necessary but none of the social skills that we all need to get through live. For example how to deal with

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