The General View Regarding The Level Of Stress Amongst

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The general view regarding the level of stress amongst leaders assumed that the demands increase dramatically but the length of day does not change. Since stress results when demands exceed the resource in this case, time. Therefore leadership is often viewed as highly stressful.
Describe in your own words, two studies conducted on monkeys, with contradicting results regarding the relationship between leadership and stress. (maximum 8 lines )
The first study regarding rhesus monkeys that were given the ability to control whether they received electrical shock versus the other group that received random electrical shock. The result of the study showed that the monkeys that had control over receiving electrical shock developed more ulcers …show more content…

Is this study related to Basic Research or to Applied Research? Please explain.
The study is basic research because it aims have an improved understanding on whether leaders have lower or higher stress levels then non leaders.
What is the population on which the research question is focusing?
Participants were from the Boston area and from the excessive education program at Harvard, which was designed for leaders from the public sector with similar backgrounds. What are the independent and the dependent variables in the study? (Refer to the theoretical definitions).
The dependent is the salivary cortisol, and anxiety reports. The independent is whether they are leaders or non leaders.
What are the values/levels of the independent variable in the study?
In the anxiety report the Speilberger test on a scale from 1-4. 1 to also never, 2 sometimes, 3 often, and 4 almost always. The value of the cortisol was measured for both leader and non leaders and compared.
What is the operational definition/s of the dependent variable/s?
The first psychological dependent variable is salivary cortisol which is measured for participants insuring same conditions as well as sampling it at 3:30 and storing it in -25C. The anxiety report measured on a scale created by the Speilberger grate anxiety inventory.
Choose the correct option in each parentheses and explain your answer - the dependent variable/s is/are measured on a

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