Children 's Products : Child Target Marketing

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Children 's products
Child-targeted marketing used to concentrate on sweets and toys, it now includes clothes, shoes, a range of fast foods, sports equipment, computer products and toiletries as well as adult products such as cars and credit cards.
Children 's advertising covers all types of media outlets from newspapers to television stations. In Australia, where in one in four homes children have their own television sets, children spend an average of a quarter of their spare time in front of the television.
Often cartoon characters would be launched as movies, and be followed up by a television series and then be merchandised on hundreds of products from t-shirts to toys. The head of Disney explained to Advertising Age in 1989 how …show more content…

The Nielsen Australian Automotive Report 2012 found that both new and used car buyers were most interested in using online content to book a test drive and to receive helpful tips; while used car buyers were far more interested in accessing a virtual tour of the car interior, and viewing comparison tables and safety specs than the new car buyers.
From traditional media outlets—such as TV, newspapers, magazines and radio—to still-developing online and mobile platforms, all are used to promote car buying by market managers. While a mix across media platforms typically proves most effective, findings from Nielsen’s Media Consumption Survey from 2012–2013 across 11 countries show that advertising via online platforms resonates as most helpful when buying a new vehicle.
The Nielsen Australian Automotive Report 2012 found that for new car buyers, visiting the dealer and using online resources are the lead sources of information during the research phase of the decision-making journey. For used car buyers, online media is the most utilised resource at this stage. Print resources and word of mouth communications are also popular resources for research, helping car buyers to narrow their consideration set and move further through the purchase funnel.

Women 's health care
Smartphones rule for marketing to women about health care, after reading 15 different articles the best way to market healthcare was

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