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We know that the so-called Chilean intellectuals have access to the books, papers and the (state of the art) analyses of well known figures from Europe or the so called global north, embraced by the avant-garde culture and the sophistication of thinking. Yet a considerable block of our local thinkers, who find comfort of speech within this global trend, if not copycats – second or third hand brains – they are a bunch of boring speakers, talking in a language so abstract that it’s impossible for normal people to decode it, including us. I’m also fed up with those innocent lambs around here, who first have to wait for the articles about Chile or South America published by the BBC or other foreign media channels – ideally written in a language other than Spanish – to wake up and speak aloud:

“Yes, they are right, that´s wrong. Sábado Gigante was always a terrible show, perpetuating “manliness” and latin stereotypes. Down with Don Francisco!” …show more content…

That's cheating. You had more than twenty years to grumble, but you just preferred to wait and be told so from abroad, in a different language, all to sound more interesting! Hence, this message goes to you, followers of Derrida, Bourriaud, the daughters of Beauvoir and all that world-vanguard philosophy.

I’d like to ask you to come down to earth and tell us that those things you research and publish are simply alien to us. And even though we may find value in some of your words, such won't be the final truth, neither applicable to our context. Please, free us from this pseudo illustrated nightmare. Just say the word and I can promise you the results will be immediate. The post-colonialist and counter-European movement will be soon established and the emancipated heads of the South will shine with their own light, under our

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