Chin A Global Superpower Essay

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China has become a global superpower. Its rise to the top of the trading chain has become a key factor into what it’s become today. With its accelerated population over the last years, it’s economic value has flourished its economy to a wide extent. There is also a saying, that with every good thing, there is always something bad. That’s when China’s environmental factors come to play. In the last twenty years, the quality of life in china has been decaying. The air surrounding most of the major cities in china are filled with horrible, toxic chemicals that has brought worldwide attention to this issue. Not only that, but contaminated and scarce water in China also play large roles in the impact of the environment. I believe that the increase in population, coal processing, and manufacturing of goods, have brought about environmental damages, but has also created economic stability. In the Shanxi Province sits Linfen, one of the most polluted cities not only china but the world. Since 1978, Linfen has been China’s number one resource in coal producing energy. China needed large amounts of sufficient energy for its big manufacturers and for its rapid increase in population. In the past, linfen was a pleasant farming community and also mentioned as “the fruit and flower town”. Its name comes from the Fen River in which its sits on. It was widely recognized as the city with running natural water springs. In the 1930’s, the town had less than a few thousand people
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