China 's Impact On China

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America has always produced goods in foreign countries, the price for manufacturing is way cheaper, than if we were to do it here. One of the main places we produce manufactured goods in China. Unlike America, China has a higher population, no laws regarding labor, or pollution. The population of China is a lot higher than the U.S, making poverty a bigger issue, so in order to support their families having a job is important. Kids as young as 14 go to school specifically for their jobs, and work all day to eventually move in the ranks and make their family proud.

The people of China have to work, despite the conditions and the long hours. If they want to survive and provide, then they have to work. America knows this and pushes the …show more content…

Driven by new investments and the jobs that come with them, the expansion of the global economy into coordinated production and supply chains brings both benefits and opportunities. It also raises questions about the source and location of future jobs and growth.

Offshoring, the practice of moving production to foreign locales while continuing to sell goods to the U.S. market, is a pervasive feature of the U.S. economy today. Market pressures drive businesses to seek reduced production costs, often in places where standards of living and protections for workers and the environment are more lax than in the United States. Moreover, an ineffective tax structure further encourages the relocation of assets and production to foreign countries with lower costs. Policies such as a tax credit that reduces the costs a company incurs when it reshores jobs back to the United States would help slow this trend. In addition, the financial incentive to bring production back would help workers here at home, where production loss has led to broad downward pressure on wages across the economy, even in industries relatively insulated from international trade competition.

as smaller numbers of chemical, plastic, metals, furniture, and

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