China’s evolving geopolitical role and its participation in the WTO.

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Critically analyze China’s evolving geopolitical role and its participation in the WTO. China’s evolving Geopolitical Role: Introduction: In terms of geopolitics, it was been observed that China is among the three great powers, beside the United States and the European Union. According to O. Tuathail, 1996; Agnew, 2009, critical geopolitics intends to understand world politics in terms of the ways in which elites and publics actively construct the spaces of political action that are then the medium for the policies of states and other factors. At its current rate of economic growth, China, though still considered a developing country as it’s GDP per capita is still far lower than the world average (Fig.1), is climbing up the…show more content…
If we describe the Canton Fair as China extending a hand to the world, then its WTO membership is its full embrace of this world.” (Wen Jiabao, 2011) After joining the WTO, China quickly experienced the benefits of being part of a global economy; its exports were more diverse, and there has been a surge in imports from all regions, especially Asia. However, there seem to be disagreements on China’s position and performance in the WTO in the future. It is being said that China’s view on the WTO’s multilateral trade system is ambiguous. Furthermore China is blamed for being irresponsible when it comes to maintaining he international order and global economic governance. According to Rafael Leal-Arcas, 2010, China has been playing at best a passive role and, at worst, a disruptive role with respect to the global trading system. “China would be broken, and a broken China could break the WTO. Therefore, the WTO’s most difficult challenge may be to discipline trade relations among China and other WTO members. All WTO members should work collectively to encourage China to change its behavior.” By so doing, they may promote the development of the WTO. (Susan Ariel Aaronson, 2010) Despite what critics say about China’s attitude towards and future in the WTO, it can’t be denied that China has achieved a
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