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China is standing on the top of the most developed country-list around the world.China grew rapidly based on manufacturing and industrialization after Mao 's age. Dang made the effective plans of modernization of that promoting agricultural sector, industrialization sector and technology standards and enhancing the military strength.Its role is become vivid as its rapid rise in the aspects of other nation.
Its geography is harmony with agriculture and so the citizen are mainly depends on the agriculture.Promoting agriculture is the main core of the strategic reforms.The machine are applied to do agriculture for faster growth. It encourage the self-manufacturing system in agriculture. The mantra of "sustainable development" is
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If we actually do it, the undertaking will be absolutely unique in humanity 's stay on the earth [Ruckelshaus 1994: 348].

Others are less alarmed and thus believe sustainability could be purchased at a somewhat less wrenching social and economic price. But one thing most sustainable development advocates agree upon is the tremendous threat that Chinese economic growth poses to global sustainability. Says Shapiro, "If emerging economies have to relive the entire industrial revolution with all its waste, its energy use, and its pollution, I think it 's all over" (quoted in Magretta 1997: 87). Douglas Murray, former president of the China Institute and executive secretary of the Committee on International Relations with the People 's Republic of China, considers China 's environment an international, not a domestic, issue.

For the health of the planet, and of the United States, China must be judged a vital American interest. The reasons are many and obvious, but still not widely appreciated. Though lacking an immediate, galvanizing crisis-Amazon fires, African famine, Chernobyl-China presents ecological problems so severe that they constitute a collective crisis with global consequences and powerful implications for America [Murray 1993: 1].

Megan Ryan and Christopher Flavin of the Worldwatch Institute agree: "The prospect of
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