Chinese Medicine As A Holistic Concept

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Chinese Medicine as a Holistic Concept
Western medicine has four different areas: clinical, preventive, rehabilitation and general health care. Western and Chinese medicine each has its own strengths in clinical and preventive medicine. However, Chinese medicine has more advantages in rehabilitation and health care. Not all physicians will agree with the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. Even though Chinese medicine is not effective for all illnesses and disease, Chinese medicine should be recognized more around the world because it focuses on holism, maintenance and low-cost therapeutic treatments which will be further discussed in this essay.
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The meridian channel is used to pin point areas of illness in the body. Some of the ingredients include red ginseng, fungus, and Chinese red dates. The herbs are dried well before usage to preserve nutrients, tone down the smell and for storage purposes in antique shelves. These herbs are classified into three categories. First, the herbs are determined hot or cold. Cold herbs such as licorice treat symptoms such as high fever, sore throat and constipation. Warm herbs such as red ginseng treat cold symptoms such as cold hands and feet. Second, the medicines have distinct flavors of sweet, sour, bitter, and pungent. Third, the meridian channel is used to determine where the problems occur in the body as well as help perform action such as lifting. A person’s health may improve from drinking herbal medicine.
One example comes from my personal experience. Two years ago, my mother was concerned about my health because of stress, indigestion and problems with sleeping and I was constantly taking anti-acids. I visited the practitioner and he prescribed me individual herbs to help relieve stomach problems, sleeping and providing circulation in my body. The trial was held for two months. The taste was extremely bitter yet palatable at the same time because of the sweet flavors of Chinese Red Dates and other herbs inside which made it easier to drink. After drinking it for a few days, heat stimulated inside my body

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