Chinese Women And The Construction Of Sentences

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When speaking with someone, the proper way to construct a sentence would be to use a subject and a verb that agree. In terms of Amy Tan 's mother, Daisy, in "Mother Tongue" the construction of sentences is a major effector when it comes to their relationship. While Tan was born in Oakland, California, her mother Daisy and father John were both Chinese immigrants. Before meeting John and immigrating to America in 1949, Daisy was married to an abusive man in Shanghai, China. During this time period women in China were insignificant unless it came to domestic housework. Women had little to no voice and lacked a proper education. Unlike Daisy, Tan was able to attend school and even go on to college and study English and linguistics. By analyzing Daisy and interpreting her actions in relation to Chinese women and their significance in China and America, it is clear that Tan was significantly affected by her mother’s broken language.
From China to America, Tan’s mother Daisy was always being put last when it came to education or even on the phone. Since the early 1920s, Chinese women were not educated like men because they were needed for domestic housework (Amy). Women were taken out of school to attend to the home while the men worked. Because of this, "far fewer women were educated than men" (China). With this knowledge from history, readers can understand that Daisy cannot form correct English due to her lack of education in China. Daisy was most likely excluded from

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