Chocolate Chip Cookies History

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MMMMMMMM, Chocolate chip cookies. You know, the gooey chocolate chips in the sugary dough, yeah, those. You have come to know them well, or so you think. What’s the story behind the chocolate chip cookies that first appeared in 1930? Who made this delicious recipe that we all know and love? The answer behind it is a young woman who went by the name of Ruth Wakefield. How did Mrs. Wakefield make this recipe? Let’s start from the beginning. Born on 17, 1903, she never had dreamed that she would one day make considerably the most famous cookie ever. Ruth went to college at Framingham University, and graduated in 1924. After that she got a job giving lectures on health, somewhat ironic, considering she made the chocolate chip cookie. She married Kenneth Wakefield, and …show more content…

She went into the kitchen and made her batter, she looked for her cocoa powder only to find it was all out. She didn’t want to waste the dough so she looked for something to make her cookies chocolatey. All she could find was a chocolate bar, so she broke it up and added walnuts. The outcome of her cookies was not what she had hoped, and instead of her chocolate fudge cookie came out the cookie we all know and love, the chocolate chip cookie After the word spread, Ruth’s cookies became famous. She became very well known and very wealthy. Soon, the Nestle chocolate company struck a deal with Ruth. Ruth would get a lifetime supply of chocolate chips, if her recipe could be featured on the back of their chocolate chip bags. She graciously accepted and her face, along with her recipe, was featured. Ruth had kids, Kenneth Donald Wakefield, Jr; and Mary Jane Wakefield. Jane would cook with Ruth, while Kenneth would often worked with his father fixing up the hotel. The hotel required fixing up for it frequently had leaked. Though the hotel was damaged, it’s fame was still going strong as ever due to Ruth’s

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