Chocolate Syrup and Milk

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Introduction: We were testing the solubility of the chocolate syrup brands while being stirred in whole milk. Our purpose is to see which of the major brands of syrup is most soluble and for what reason. This is important to our daily lives because it makes us aware of what types of materials we are ingesting and this applies to our experiment by seeing which of the ingredients take longer to dissolve. Information known is all brands are known to dissolve in milk but they all use different ingredients and they will cause a difference in the time it takes to dissolve. New information that will be gained from this experiment is which ingredients inside chocolate syrup will take the longest to dissolve, from the type of sugars in it to the syrups. We expected the Nesquik to dissolve the fastest because it did not contain any high fructose corn syrup while the other brand of syrup did. Also we observed from the syrups that nesquik was very thin, while the others were very thick and slow in behaviour. Our hypothesis is that the Nesquik will disintegrate the fastest in the milk because it lacks High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Materials & Procedures:
1. Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
2. Nesquik Chocolate Syrup
3. Great Value Chocolate Syrup
4. Any ONE of brand whole milk
5. Little Measuring cup
6. 3 cups
7. strainer
8. spoon
9. Large bowl
10. Teaspoon measurer

1. Make sure we have all of the materials with us.
2. Pour 3 Tbs of 1 brand of

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