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Food network project

The first cooking show I watched was Chopped. Chopped is a competition show where contestants are given a diverse array of ingredients that are unusual and don’t necessarily go well together. Some of the strange ingredients the contestants were given included pink marshmallow peeps, a chocolate bunny, and also a lamb leg. The idea is to create a dish using all the ingredients you are given to make a dish. There are three rounds, appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Each round one contestant is eliminated or “chopped” from the competition until two contestants are left standing in the dessert round. The show is hosted by a man, Ted Allen and there were three judges, this episode there was a male and two females. The contestants were equally distributed in respect to gender, two male, two female, also …show more content…

This show began with a number of very brightly colored shots of different fruits and vegetables as well as a few entrees in the mix. The music that played was very upbeat and in the slides she was in she was enjoying herself with friends. On this episode she was preparing lunch for a friend in exchange for him redesigning her garden. On the menu was Pea soup, roasted red pepper and gat cheese sandwiches, and for dessert she prepared a carrot and pineapple cake. I noticed throughout the episode that her instructions for the audience were easy and detailed enough to follow along with. I think this style went along with the personality she portrayed which was a happy and laid back kind of person. The presentation of her meal was on all white dishes, the dishes matched the décor of her kitchen. She was very adamant on using fresh herbs from her garden which was a feature that episode. As far as gender norms go I think she followed the stereotype expected of the woman very closely in terms of cooking style, utensils, and menu items. A light soup and fresh sandwich with a dense cake for

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