Christian Elements In Beowulf

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The intermingling of Christian ideas and classical rhetoric has set the foundation for many centuries of literature works. The overlap of elements appeals to readers who are accustomed to Biblical language while simultaneously engaging with their imaginative experience of a secular world, an expression that is observed in the epic poem Beowulf. Commonly cited as one of the most important works of Old English literature, the poem provides valuable insight into a culture that resembles our own societal challenges while simultaneously remaining distant from the present-day world. This analytical essay will focus on the strategic use of words and phrases and how the poets emphasis on religious association invokes the answers to many central human perplexities. Through its use of repetitive elements and various motifs within Christian and pagan values, the poet builds on the many elements within virtuous philosophy. Although many analytical dissertations interpret the influence that Beowulf’s diction has on Christian ideals, it is critical to examine how the poem s religious expression affects its pagan characters. Many literary works incorporate stock elements to continuously keep their readers engaged in the purpose of its context. These elements are distinct analogous words or phrases that are chosen to convey the rhetorical device. The author of Beowulf repeatedly acknowledged God as an all-mighty figure that overshadows the lives of both its readers and the

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