Christian Perceptive in Human Right

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Human rights are the rights of the most fundamental which naturally inherent in human beings as a gift of God (Based on Genesis 1:26-29; 2:17-18). Human right is a stem from claims of God to man. Therefore, although it cannot be separated from human experiences, it is not from the experience of human, but rather on God's action in human history. Meaning: Human Rights is not a human ideal formula of himself, but rather an understanding of what God requires of man - what man is, what is the meaning of existence, and what the purpose of his life, from God's perspective. Based on the truth of the above, it should reject the two tendencies are somewhat common on attitudes toward human rights, namely: a) Attitude that makes people become a source of historical experience and the starting point for formulating the only Human Rights. b) Particular formulation absolutizing attitude as if he was identical with the claim and will of God, and therefore claimed to be absolute and universally applicable.
In the perspective of Christian theology speaks of human rights, can be seen through the two sides, namely: a) Reviewing from the point of faith about what, why and how human right are universally applicable to all people in all places, and b) Laying these efforts within the framework of the joint efforts of all mankind to seek the best for everyone and everyone in accordance with their fundamental rights as human beings. Human Rights are one thing; the formulation of Human Rights is one

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