Christian Perspectives On Physical Well-Being. There Are

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Christian Perspectives on Physical Well-Being There are many temptations in this world, but one that is often overlooked and rarely discussed is that of gluttony and sloth. This is not a typical issue that is preached about on Sunday mornings. In fact, it is hardly addressed at all in a biblical sense. However, this is an important issue within God’s kingdom because of the value of our bodies and the price that was paid for them. The body being a temple that God has given to us, we, as His people, should strive to pursue a healthy lifestyle that honors the body as a gift and dwelling place for the Lord. “Our bodies were created in the image of God. They are a gift from Heavenly Father to allow us to experience mortality and continue to…show more content…
This time should be seen as an opportunity to serve the Lord by working hard to cultivate what we have been given by the Lord. It can also be a time for silent mediation and giving thanks to God. In this way, it becomes a part of our day when you can focus on the Lord while also preparing yourself to serve Him with your body. Furthermore, we must be diligent in keeping our bodies healthy and in shape. No one expects to let themselves go. One missed day at the gym turns into leniency. Leniency leads to two or three missed days until you have given up going entirely. One can think of Matthew 25:13 when considering how to keep themselves ready for the Lord at any given moment. It reads, “But understand this: If the owner of the house had known in which watch of the night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.” Many freshmen hear tales of gaining fifteen pounds, but it is often written off as a cliché myth. The busyness of college often impedes students from staying fit. If we do not keep ourselves in shape and expect to maintain our current physical state, we will be caught off guard. Another key aspect of gaining and maintaining a nourished body is that of healthy eating. While eating well is an easy concept to understand, it is more difficult to execute; especially when you consider the societal context that we live in today. With
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