Christian Shaffer Interview

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Christian Schaffer, the Co-anchor of Good Morning Maryland at WMAR-TV at ABC-2 News in Baltimore. Broadcast news is a medium that is thrilling, exciting, and fast paced. Schaffer took time out of his action filled days as a Co-Anchor to allow me to interview him and get inside his world.
Schaffer’s main responsibilities consist of delivering the news accurately and fairly, without any basis on the topics reported. One of his biggest challenges he faces is delivering the news in a fair and honest way. He also touched on how he strives to be entertaining and personable and deliver the news in such a way that gets people to continue watching day after day. In news, there is a stress to maintain audiences due to the amount of competition from other new sources.
A typical day in the life for Christian is very busy and keeps him on his toes. He works on Monday-Friday and the hours vary and usually he gets off work whenever there is nothing else needed to be done. His typical day starts at 3am, when he typically reports to the office to read over the …show more content…

Housed within the building is two studios, a main newsroom, editing and news production equipment extra space for sales and engineering. The number of employees at WMAR-TV is close to 130 total, which is comprised of the news writers, anchors, reporters, producers, director, and other vital staff that ensure all shows go successfully like broadcast technicians and camera operators.
The long-term goals of the firm are to increase viewership and ratings. To achieve that, focus must be placed on relevancy of topics and connecting with viewers. Schaffer highlighted that his goals that connect with that of the firm are that he needs to assist by delivering the news fairly and accurately. To also assist in generating viewership, Schaffer has focused on utilizing social media and connecting with viewers to see how they want the news or what they place preference on

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