Christianity, A Form Of Religion Based On The Person And Teachings

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Christianity, is a form of religion based on the person and teachings , or its beliefs and practice 's".1 During 205-207B.C, Christianity evolved greatly throughout the world. Many religions detested this and others embraced it. Some based their teaching 's on pure science and questioned every living thing as a question to an unsolved experiment. Although some people didn 't understand the being and the reason for the outcome they still believed that there 's was God out there that created their existence.
Christianity first started with the base of Judaism. Judaism was the primarily religion for the Israelites before Christianity set forth. Christianity was instead viewed as "God 's chosen people" and was commentated back to the New …show more content…

Between 70-130 AD, Jew 's started revolting against the Roman Empire. Jewish Christian 's therefore were killed, and shipped back, to their settlement in the Palestine region. By the 2nd century Gentile 's took the stance of Christianity but still struggled against the Roman 's in order to protect their religion. Christian 's were first seen as a group of Jewish religion and was later troubled with the Greco-Roman 's. Many people in the Roman Empire believed that the Christians were brutally harassed by the Greco-Roman gods given the reason of the Great fire of Rome. However, Christian religion in the Roman Empire soon became legalized in the 4th century. It grew more strongly in than it did in the west and Christianity was able to grow stronger than before.
Aside from Christianity, Christian 's and Jew 's were persecuted due to the failures on the Roman religion. The refused to state loyalty to the people of Rome as well as the Roman gods and goddesses. Even though the death rates was very small, the effect 's showed greatly.a major factor of this disturbance was Constantine. He attempted to reform the Christian church into the government. By 330 's BC, Constantine allowed complete worship to all Christian. 4 He also allowed the Church to own property without paying taxes. It didn 't last until the Greeks and Romans were affected by the god 's and goddesses. They would worship them everyday, before an after every meals

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