Christianity And Buddhism Vs. Buddhism

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Many, especially in New Mexico, are familiar with the teaching and conditions of Christianity, beginning the creation of the Heaven and Earth, and coming to an end with the death of Jesus, these teachings are taught weekly through Mass. Buddhism is not a commonly know, again, especially in New Mexico. Buddhism teaches on a more personal level, leaving more supernatural beings to Christianity. However, there are similarities to be discussed. Some include, the decisions as to what is right and what is wrong, also both religions seem to form a coherent idea as to what actions are appropriate for wrong doing. Christianity and Buddhism are mostly similar because there seem to be an agreement on what restricts an individual to reach an enlightened phase of life, each religion also asks followers to live a life based on doctrines believed to lead to a promised afterlife, finally, bother religions speak of this promised afterlife to be an otherworldly experience if all ways of life are truly good.

Any laws set by both religions are meant to be followed, if broken, it may mean termination from consideration to an eternal afterlife or nirvana. Both religions show similar laws, which they consider to be unbreakable. Christians are asked to life a perfect life in the eyes of God, an imperfect life is one filled with lie, repealing words, acts of adultery, and many more (Bilhartz 530-531). Christianity does not make it a challenge for believers to find what actions go against the word
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