Christianity And Islam : Sacred Texts Are Vital Sources Of Information On All Aspects Of Peace

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In both Christianity and Islam, sacred texts are vital sources of information on all aspects of peace. They demonstrate principal teachings about peace, and teachings on inner peace as well as supporting the ultimate aim of world peace.

In the Christian sacred text, the bible, Jesus’ ‘Golden Rule’ is “do unto others as you would have done unto you”; which in relation to peace infers that one must act peacefully to receive peaceful treatment in return. One of the key teachings regarding peace is to respect all humans; as everyone is equal, this includes one’s enemies. As stated in Matthew 5 “love your enemies and pray for your prosecutors”. The core belief of Christianity is the belief in one God, the creator. As the instigator of creation, God commands humanity to live in peace. This also leads to living peacefully within the environment, as stated in Genesis; as stewards of the earth it’s our duty to respect and care for the earth and all aspects of creation. Another principal belief is that the peace of God is beyond this world and will be achieved in heaven; hence, it is imperative for one to live peaceably to achieve peace in heaven. The principal teaching to live in peace is again outlined in 2 Corinthians; “live in peace and the God of love and peace will be with you”. The bible outlines the most prominent principal teachings regarding peace.

The bible also offers guidance on the importance of inner peace and how to achieve it. Jesus taught to seek reconciliation
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