Christianity And Islam : The Age Of Faith

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Sometimes, the Middle Ages are referred to as the Age of Faith because “religion was so pervasive in European society… [in which] villages were organized around local churches, and larger towns would devote generations of labor and resources to build large cathedrals” (Thompson) as well as citizens following God’s words through thoughts and actions. Durning the medieval time, both Christianity and Islam regions follow the concept of faith and God’s orders but each have their own limits and approaches to the idea. From roughly 1000 AD until modern day time, faith has been considered an important element of Christianity and Muslim in which each individual has a specific faith that is unique to them and no one else. The development of faith and the changes that the idea has went through have allowed historians to examined what faith is really about and how one can view their own faith through actions from their Father’s demands. Influenced by the Greek culture, the term Hellenism was established to explain the interaction between the Greek and Roman Empires and how the church laws were adopted into Christianity. During early development, many organizations brought conflicts between competitive cities due to their desires to influence the Christianity religion. During the medieval time, Christianity was the only well-recognized religion that European citizens really wanted to followed. In the form of the Roman Catholic religion, the central teaching of traditional

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