Christianity And Roman Religion

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At first, Christianity began as a belief, not a religion, in the Roman Empire. It looked weird, and the Romans did not like it, and did not give any credits to it and its believers. The Romans had no tolerance any kind of religion because the Roman religion was polytheistic and they had routine rituals, and the rituals mean a lot to them as money. They also did not tolerate the other religions, especially Christianity that it has a one god, because the new religions might annoy their deities. The Christians were punished and tortured till the fourth century that Constantine became a Christian in 312 AD. Before that, as Judith Perkins gives a hint and a reference by showing Tacitus’ Annals, Nero punished the Christians, and Tacitus states that Nero liked to accuse Christians of setting the big fire, and for this fire, he tortured and punished Christians. …show more content…

Also, the Romans and the Senate thought that if Christianity gets the power, it would directly get the political power, so some senators and Romans opposed the Christianity, but they failed, although they tortured, beat, and punished Christians in

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