How Did Christianity Become Ficial Of Rome? Essay

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How did Christianity become the official religion in Rome? Around the years 123-185 C.E, Rome was a polytheistic empire. Romans had their gods and some foreign ones they adopted. The supreme deity for the Roman empire was Isis, an Egyptian goddess. She demanded complete devotion of her followers. Romans accepted the traditions and religions of the people that came to their lands, but they also had to worship the Roman gods. This was the turning point between the Romans and a religion that arose called Christianity. Christianity started with the leadership of Jesus of Nazareth who was believed to be the son of the Christian God. Christians started to be persecuted in the Roman empire due to their monotheistic belief. They only worshipped one god, the one they referred to as the one True God, the maker of all. Christians were not only hated by the Roman empire but by the Pagans, an anti-Christian group that attacked Christianity, as well. Christians were persecuted, tortured, killed, and dehumanized due to their faith; however, their devotion to their faith, teachings, and miracles changed the hearts and perspectives of many until it became the official religion of the Roman empire at the end of the 4th century C.E.
What did it mean to be Roman? To be Roman meant to be content with what was yours and not long for what was another’s. It meant to have a strong will of mind to not get attached to earthly pleasures, things, and even to people. For instance, in his manual of

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