Christianity vs. Buddhism

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Gabriel Tajimaroa Donavan Ingram Eng 1A April 3 2010 Research Essay Christianity vs. Buddhism There are many religions and sacred texts that have shaped complete civilizations and cultures. They have varied in their theories of creation and how man should live and act towards each other and nature. The more I study religions and sacred text the more I see that for the most part they are alike. Most of them share a view of love and peace towards all things living. What varies between them are simply deities. It is these minor differences that cause their followers to completely abstract their sacred text to the point where they have completely deviated from their text and do the opposite of what their text commands. For example…show more content…
Any harm done to any sentient being will be returned to the original culprit in this life or the next. However Christianity is not completely absent to the idea that man should have respect for all things sentient. The Bible does express this idea in its own words I even I have said in my heart with the regard to the sons of mankind that the [true] God is going to select them, that they may see that they themselves are beasts. For there is an eventuality as respects the sons of mankind and an eventuality as respects the beast, and they have the same eventuality. As the one dies, so the other dies, and they have but one spirit, so that there is no superiority of the man over the beast, for everything is vanity. All are going to one place, they have all come from dust and they are all returning to dust. -(Bible ECC 3:18-20) The Christian Bible gives us the idea that we are all ONE Man and Beast. That it is impossible for one to harm the other without also harming themselves in the process. The resulting idea on how to live would be that we should respect all things living as we would respect ourselves. A difference between Christianity and Buddhism is their Spiritual leader. One was Jesus the Christ and the other Gautama Buddha. They were two men who lived at different times, different places, and followed by a different ethnicity and culture as it continues today. As both
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