Christmas Persuasive Essay

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Every Christmas, while you settle down around the fireplace with hot chocolate and candy canes, do you ever think about the 100 million people living outside? I bet you don't.
I believe that we take advantage of our snowy season. As we rush into shops to get our gifts for our loved ones, we can only think of joy, family gatherings, food, presents. But in the UK, 2016 studies show that more than a quarter of a million are found to be homeless, and dread this period of the year.
Some of us dream about having a white Christmas, but as the temperature drops and you're homeless, Christmas is the worst time of all. You're hungry, cold, and lonely. You have nowhere to go, and people look at you as if you're dirt. December, January and February are the darkest and coldest months of the year. For you, it means turning up your heating, putting on an extra layer of clothing, or making more fires. But for anyone living on the streets, it is horrid. They don't have a roof above their heads, or a warm blanket to snuggle into. We only know how cold the day gets, but imagine the nights! The noise, the weather, the dangers... nothing is safe.
Most humans believe that all homeless are drinkers, rude, and abusive, and while that may be true in some cases, many just have mental issues or post-traumatic shock from something that may have happened in the past. Too many are ill, and we are letting them die. Here is a real story about a woman named Jane, who has been out of her home since 2012,

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