Christopher Boone Essay

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Christopher John Francis Boone, 15 year old young man that is diagnosed with an illness called Asperger syndrome ( Which is a form of autism that is a developmental disorder affecting ability to effectively socialize and communicate.) Christopher is very smart he knows all the countries and mostly prime numbers. “I know all the countries of the world and their capital cities and every prime number up to 7,057 (Haddon 1).” Although, Christopher loves dogs, but one day he came across his neighbor’s dog, Wellington the poodle, as he came on his knees he started to pet the dog and when he noticed that he was bleeding and there was a pitch fork near the dog. The neighbor, Mrs. Shears, came out of her house and noticed that Christopher had her dog’s in his arms with holes pierced in him, as she was worried that dog was now dead she called the police due to the scene and he was taking away because of his disorder he doesn’t like to be yelled at or touched so in his own defense he punched the police officer that touched him and was brought to a police station was withheld in a cell until he was released. …show more content…

As he progresses he ask neighbors if they had seen anything suspicious as Christopher went to Mrs. Alexander and she explained to Christopher that his dad and Mrs. Shears had an affair, “And that will be why he doesn’t want you going around talking to people about Mrs. Shears. Because that will bring back bad memories (Haddon 60).” After that his dad found out that he was talking to Mrs. Alexander and got in trouble and was being yelled at by his father. Then Christopher grew curious to whereas his book disappeared too and he looked in a his father’s room which is known as the forbidden room that his father told him never to go in unless he has permission. As he discovers his book he also notices that their were letter the mailed to him in a box with his mother’s

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