Christopher Columbus 's First Encounters Essay

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Kindness in today’s society only gets one so far. The saying nice guys always finish last might simply hold some truth. In “First Encounters,” we gain insight about how the initial explores of America interacted with the natives. European ideology had no room for this other hemisphere or in fact the people that lived there. The text we go on to read describes just how gruesome this time period truly was. The Natives were referred to as “savages.” They currently we 're at war with themselves during the arrival of the westerners, increasing the body count even higher. Then we proceed on to read about Christopher Columbus’s personality through his letters to Luis De Santangel and his role during the exploration of this newly discovered land. Christopher Columbus was always pictured in my mind as a nobleman of high morale. At least that 's how the teachers in early on stages of schooling preached to me. Now realizing the truths, he 's just like many men I’ve met in society over that past few years, greedy, self-centered, and thirsty for dominance and power. Men and women across the globe are willing to go to extreme measure to make sure they get ahead in society, this was the case for Christopher Columbus. While reading both of these passages I couldn 't help but think of one movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. When initially comparing Jordan Belfort to Christopher Columbus some might be skeptical. Truly though they share the same characteristics. In order to be dominant leaders
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