Christopher Columbus's Theory Of Settling The Continent

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Settling the Continent When Christopher Columbus came to North America, he thought the natives were Indian and thought he arrived in India. Indian is a term that covers many different cultures and languages in the Americas. Indians in North America had similar attributes between each other with long straight dark hair with almond shaped eyes with tan skin that ranges in different colors. Europeans found out that the new world is not connected to asia they made theories of transoceanic migrations. A Spanish jesuit missionary Joseph de Acosta made a theory that says since there were old world animals in the americas then the Indians had crossed a land bridge to get there. Scientific research and evidence shows that the native americans had a resemblance with Asians due to a theory of a land bridge connecting the two continents. Beringia is a sub continent that bridged between North America and Asia and the Native Americans moved further down when the glaciers melt 3000 years ago. The later migrations to North America was the Athapaskan, people that migrated around 5000 BC to the northwestern part of America from Beringia. The Clovis tradition is a sophisticated style of toolmaking like points and flutes that is not found in the old world. This was found in New Mexico and dated 11,000 years ago and spread quickly throughout the continent. New Ways of Living on the Land After the Ice Age, the massive climate change placed stress on the animals and over hunting the animals

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