Christopher Sholes Research Paper

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The 1867 Typewriter was an amazing invention. It allowed people in the 1800’s to print papers and articles quickly. This invention led to the computer and cash register. The first working typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1867. Sholes was born on February 14, 1819. Sholes lived with his mom, dad and younger brother Charles. He went to school to become an apprentice to a printer. Sholes then completed his apprenticeship and became a newspaper editor in 1849. After working a year for the newspaper company, Sholes left. He then served in the Wisconsin State Legislature as a Democrat. Sholes then became a Republican shortly after being hired. In 1867 Sholes left the Legislature. He had an idea. He came up with the plans for the first practical typewriter. Then in 1868 he…show more content…
For 3 years Sholes could not sell his typewriter to anyone. Then in 1873, Sholes licensed the patent to Remington and Sons. Sholes and Remington and Sons signed a contract to mass produce the first useful typewriter, the Remington Model 1. People started to buy typewriters because of the famous brand of Remington and Sons. Later in Sholes’s life, he sold most of his interest in the typewriter. On February 17, 1890, Sholes died after battling a nine year fight with tuberculosis. Today, Sholes is remembered as “The Father of the Typewriter.” (Daniels) The 1867 Typewriter was an amazing invention that allowed people to print documents and newspapers easily. This invention was innovative to the people of that time period. The 1867 Typewriter was a very complex machine to use. It worked like a normal typewriter but it was very bulky in size. It had an alphabetical character layout. The typist hit a key, which made the lever raise, pushing the bar of the character against the ink ribbon and on the paper. The ink ribbon got the ink from a ball called the font ball. The font ball
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