Chronological And Timeline: Catherine The Great

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Chronological/Timeline:Catherine The Great
Власть без доверия народа - ничто.
Vlast' bez doveriya naroda - nichto.
Power without a nation’s confidence is nothing.

I was born in Stettin, Prussia (now Poland) May 2, 1729. My birth name was Sophia Augusta Fredericka of Anhalt-Zerbst. I had a brother that died at 12, and my father died when I was very young, after which my mother used me to improve her social standing.
My mother took me to St. Petersburg where I met Peter; we were engaged in June 1744. We were wed on the 21st of August, 1745. We had barely anything in common with one another and we were both extremely unhappy in our marriage. My marriage to Peter the III lasted only eight years. A coup orchestrated by yours truly completely overthrew …show more content…

I gained the immediate love of the Russian people and continued on as Tsarina of Russia. After 10 years of ruling the largest country on the planet, my first dispute occurred. In 1772, the first partition of Poland was formed; I took the Eastern partition to expand the Russian borders, while giving the other two partitions to Austria and what was Prussia. This part of Poland was just the beginning of Russia’s expansion westward.
The “Nakaz,” a document declaring equality for all, was written in August of 1767. In the document, I stated the the law shouldn’t oppress the community, but protect it. Disapproving of capital punishment, the Nakaz was remembered mostly for its ideas, not for its immediate impact.
In 1774, the treaty of Kucuk Kaynarca was signed after numerous victories against the Ottoman Empire. The treaty expanded Russia out towards the Buh River, giving us a foothold in the Black Sea. This gave us the right to maintain a fleet on the Black Sea. The newly formed independent Crimean Peninsula was soon annexed by yours truly. This soon broke out in a war between the Ottoman Empire and Russia, with Austria again as our ally. We won several battles that gave Russia control over the lower Dniester and Danube Rivers. With numerous victories over the Ottoman Empire, the ending treaty gave us a needed chunk of Black Sea coast. The war was concluded with the Ottoman Empire ceding the entire Western Ukrainian Black Sea coast to us. This was decided through the treaty of Jassy (Pronounced Lasi) in

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