Chrysler Story of Management Essay

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The four key behaviors of transformational leaders apply to the Chrysler story by showing what the Mercedes-Benz merger and new president Zetsche wished to achieve. He wanted to motivate the company to push themselves harder, the way they do when their back is against the wall; he used his influence of showing up to testing of the newest vehicle to help motivate the team. Zetsche also took into consideration that, Chrysler still wants to happy to be German owner, so he worked his way into the team, giving them input; praising them on things well done while also giving suggestions. With this intellectual stimulation he helped motivate employees and push them to see things in a new light, along with make it their personally responsibility …show more content…

No political or legal forces really affected Chrysler expect for all of the different changes in president, or mergers that it had, where each brought new ideas and aspects to the company. International forces that affected Chrysler was definitely being bought by Mercedes-Benz, this created animosity towards the “German” way of how the company was run initially; along with recent competition of other dealerships out sourcing to different countries to cut costs.While Chrysler eventually got over their initial animosity to the “German” way, this then went on to help increase sales later on, using their new adopted methods.
Management by objectives is a four step process in which (1) Managers and employees set objectives together for employees, (2) Managers develop action plans, (3) Managers and employees go over the employees performance periodically, and (4) The manager makes a performance appraisal and rewards the employees according to the results. During Zetsche’s time as president he used the four step process by talking to veteran employees and with them created plans of action for the company, while also being an active member in the car testing process and periodically checking its performance. With each performance check Zetsche was sure to praise them on the cars improved points

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