Church Proliferation in Nigeria Society

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International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol. 1 No. 15 [Special Issue – October 2011] ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS OF CHURCH PROLIFERATION: THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD AS A CASE STUDY IBIYINKA OLUSOLA ADESANYA, PhD DEPARTMENT OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION UNIVERSITY OF ADO-EKITI ADO-EKITI, EKITI STATE NIGERIA Abstract The environmental effects of proliferation of churches continued to be a major concern to all and particularly those in the mainstream of environmental protection. So disturbing has it become that analysts begin to think of the need for a legal framework to tackle the menace. This paper appraised the extent of proliferation of churches with particular reference to The Redeemed Christian Church…show more content…
Dimensions of Church Proliferation in Nigeria To an observant mind, the pace at which churches are spreading like a wildfire in Nigeria is alarming. In the country, there is freedom of worship, places of worship are full, pilgrimages are over-booked and there is evidence of religious fervour all over the places. 177 The Special Issue on Contemporary Research in Arts and Social Science © Centre for Promoting Ideas, USA Many people were cashing in on the situation, as they launch new religious organisations and societies. There is evidence that many are just charlatans looking for a means of livelihood. Many are perhaps genuinely religious. But it is obvious that our society has not become upright. It certainly has not become peaceful. There have been and still many hot and cold wars in the name of religion. (Fayomi 1993:37). Churches are noted to be springing up at an alarming and unprecedented rate in all available spaces, shops and uncompleted buildings. Worship come up in warehouses, hotels, abandoned cinema buildings, studios and other public places. It is a common sight to see a minimum of fifty different churches on a street of four kilometres long. This may paint a terrible picture, but such is the present rate of church proliferation in the country. In a statement made by Ogidi, he categorically asserts that, “Nigeria is a country with easily the largest number of churches per capital in the world.”(Ogidi 1997:11). Fayomi also described Nigeria as “a
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