Cicero 's Influence On The Modern Political And Legal World

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Cicero’s Influence on the modern political and legal world Marcus Tullius Cicero penned two theoretical works on politics, On The Republic and On The Laws. Cast in the form of dialogues, each work addresses several leading concerns faced in modern politics, ranging from the relationship between liberty and equality, the nature of political leadership, to the interplay of institutions. On The Laws is highly regarded, and studied, for its treatment of “Natural Law,” and is relevant in today’s society. On The Republic presents a comprehensive and idealized vision of political life, through its clear search for justice, as well as its exploration and analysis of the foundation of politics. Cicero’s works discuss the relationship between the individual and state and the qualities of knowledge. There are other aspects of Cicero’s works, such as the social harmony of classes, which retain interesting ideas relevant in today’s word. The ideas presented by Cicero are vital to understanding where modern political ideologies originate. The basis of this essay will be to discuss and analyze Cicero’s previously mentioned work. An emphasis will be placed on “Natural Law” and its impact on the modern world. The defining characteristics of modern governments are largely based on Cicero’s ideals, demonstrating his lasting influence more than 2000 years after his death. Cicero’s work came closest to any ideology of the Roman Empire, an Empire whose way of life and values ushered in the modern

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