Cigarette Smoking Among Adolescent Australians And The Risks That Come Along With It

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Introduction (250-300 Words)
Our adolescent years are thought to be the most experimental period in our lives. The actions teenagers and young adults take in these years can often impact the years later to come, and, while experimenting with drugs like alcohol and tobacco seems to be the social ‘norm’ it can have lasting consequences later both mentally and physically.
In this investigation I have explored cigarette smoking among adolescent Australians and the risks that come along with it. To help highlight the impacts and the consequences that can come later, I have acquired the latest statistics and data to raise the concerns that can come from the use of tobacco. With my findings I will display the key factors that often sway an adolescent into smoking cigarettes along with the impacts that cigarette smoking can have on friends, family, the community and finally, the government. The impact that cigarettes can have on the human body will also be explored as well as groups that have been shown to be more likely to be affected by cigarette smoking. Individual strategies that can help adolescents to make positive decisions will also be included, as well as steps that a community can take to educate teenagers and young adults of the impact and the consequences of tobacco smoking. Support groups will also be listed.
While cigarette smoking has dropped considerably since frequent studies started in the 1980’s, it is still concerning that the bigger majority of pack a day…
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