Cindy Sherman, Simone De Beauvior, And Andy Warhol

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Students are required to take Humanities 201 because it teaches us about the modern world and the themes and issues that are happening in society. However, as time continues, students taking this same course fifty years from now will not be studying the same material, since it will no longer be considered “modern.” Throughout the current contemporary world that was taught this past semester, many themes and ideas have lead me to sum up the class in one word: diverse. One theme in particular to expand on the idea equality amongst race and gender. Many artists and writers such as Cindy Sherman, Robert Mapplethorpe, Simone de Beauvior, and Andy Warhol have expressed this theme within their works in a way that was both bold and shocking. These …show more content…

Beauvior’s piece is one of the most influential pieces of work during the contemporary time as it encourages all women to join together in unity to fight for equality among men. Before this piece, women had no real place in society and no true identity. Beauvior’s main goal was to change that impression by creating a movement where women would find a goal that would eventually be equality with men and strive to achieve it. Beauvior’s piece was seen as the initial spark that began the overwhelming movement towards women’s rights and equality amongst men during the contemporary …show more content…

Society fifty years from now would not have been very accepting to homosexual and gender equalities. Although there is still not a full acceptance of these topics, society has come a very long way from viewing others with limited perception. There will always be problems of stereotyping in the world. However, I would say that the perception of our world today has a more open mind set and has strayed away from the conservative and religious ideas within society. Many unique and shocking pictures, like the ones from Robert Mapplethorpe and Cindy Sherman, have become a normal way of art in today’s world, which makes this course much more diverse compared to the works that were seen in pre-modern. While many people in the world still refuse to accept the contemporary views on gender and equality, there are still an amazing number of people that have accepted to be open to these views and have pushed these views further towards

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