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The Importance of Cinematography
Without studying the details of film, one may ask what is cinematography. Cinematography is the art of making motion pictures. There are many features that go on in making a film. A cinematographer has a big role in making the film come together with certain camera movements and lighting elements. Cinematography is one of the most important aspects of film. People should be more interested in cinematography because there are so many intricate details that go into making a film special and that is because of and camera angles and movements, color, and different types of shots.
When breaking down cinematography, a cinematographer should first analyze what he/she wants to do with the the different shots, scenes, …show more content…

Overall brightness can help support the underlying emotion of a scene. In high-key lighting, there is a general brighter picture and with low-key lighting there is a general darker picture. This type of lighting technique is generally seen more in black and white films. Since it is harder to portray different emotions without color, the filmmakers use methods like these to help set the overall feel of a film. For example, in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind (Michel Gondry, 2004) the cinematographic aspects of the film add up to a certain overall look of the whole movie. This cinematographer created a dark overall look with dim lighting while creating certain camera angles to portray the characters in a specific light. The cinematographic elements of this film are due to the good usage of lenses, framing, and use of long takes. With all of these features in mind, cinematography is also important in storytelling. In this film, these aspects make the story of the film seem more mysterious and dark. If a cinematographer does a good job specifically places his camera angles right and color, he has captured an overall look of a …show more content…

Some of these shots include, extreme close up (ECU), medium shot (MS), establishing shot (ES), and long shot (LS). Extreme close up is what a person may assume it is. It is used in filmmaking to focus on a particular detail of a subject. In many cases, ECUs are very intimate and are best used cautiously. Medium shot, also known as waist shot, is also what it sounds like. It is a shot from a medium distance and includes the body from the knees or waist up. An establishing shot may be one that people aren’t as familiar with. An establishing shot is a usually long shot in film or video used at the beginning of a sequence to establish an overview of the scene that follows (Merriam-Webster). One other shot a cinematographer should consider using is a long shot. A LS is a shot from a great distance, which makes people seem to appear more like shapes then people. This type of shot is used to emphasize the environment and setting of a particular

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