Circle Of Friends Movie Analysis

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Circle of Friends revolves around the lives and expectations of three young women, Benny, Eve, and Nan, in 1950’s Ireland. The girls were raised in the traditional Catholic faith in the small village of Knockglen, Ireland with Nan moving to Dublin in her youth. They were taught to honor their parents and shun any and all forms of sexuality. The three eventually meet again at university, where they begin to challenge the traditional views that they have always taken as law. The movie documents Benny, Nan, and Eve’s desires to remain pure while also living lives that will bring them happiness. The movie begins with Benny, Eve, and Nan taking their First Communion. The movie then jumps forward to Benny and Eve leaving for their first day of college in Dublin, where they are rejoined by Nan who had moved away earlier. There Benny meets Jack Foley, who she instantly falls for. Her parents wish her to marry their business partner, Sean Walsh, but Benny is disgusted by his unnerving advances and personality. Jack invites Benny to the university ball, where, after dancing with other girls, he promises to not lead her on and kisses her. Each of the girls now has a love interest: Benny with Jack, Eve with Aidan, and Nan with Simon Westward. Benny and Jack each express their desire to have sex, but believe that premarital sex a sin. Benny rejects sex with Jack, but Nan gives in to her desires and sleeps with Simon. After an argument with her family, Benny’s father dies and she must

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