Circle Sentencing Proposal Essay

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The following is a research proposal to study the link between recidivism rates and circle sentencing through the examining of circle sentencing with traditional sentencing methods. This is being undertaken due to the lack of significant numbers in existing research. As such, the study questions whether the impact of justice served through indigenous sentencing is any different from justice served through traditional sentencing. This study hypothesises that the rates for recidivism are effectively reduced through indigenous circle sentencing and have lower rates of recidivism than indigenous offender’s sentenced through traditional justice. The researcher also hypothesises that circle sentencing using diversionary programs are far more effective in reducing recidivism than those without such programs. This proposal will outline the study's research design and methodological approach, its sampling strategy, methods of collecting data, ethical considerations, and conclusion.

For the purpose of this study, a retrospective cohort design will be implemented in the form of longitudinal study. Retrospective cohort studies are a type of observational study. It utilises a retrospective cohort methodological approach. Retrospective cohort studies use data that have already been collected for studies with similar
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They are also advantageous in that they are much more cheaper than other studies as the data’s have already been collected and are able to to analyse and determine multiple outcomes (Mann, 2003). That is because, the collection of data is mainly the aspect that requires the use of resources. Furthermore, retrospective cohort studies also an advantage for the absence of bias as the current interest of the study was not the interest when the data was collected (Mann, 2003). Therefore, researcher bias is for the most part
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