Cirque Du Soleil Case Analysis Essay example

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Cirque du Soleil Case Analysis

1. What is Cirque’s product and its strategy?

Cirque du Soleil, a Quebec based company, is a circus that does not has a product. What it does offer is artistic works with a high-quality, artistic entertainment. It gives the spectators the experience of a theater and a dance circus without animals, which bases its performances on very talented and creative people, combining street performances, clowns, acrobats, and gymnasts. Cirque du Soleil’s strategy is to evoke the imagination, invoke the senses and provoke the emotions of people. It does this by putting together solid and powerful performances, in combination with creative scenarios, precise illumination and magnificent costumes.
In addition,
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In addition, since Cirque created an atmosphere of a family, that encourages the friendship among the huge diversity of the employees. Also, Cirque du Soleil it is very supportive of its employees and it does everything possible to improve their performances. At the Cirque, artists feel like the circus did everything possible to make working conditions better for the artists. That is why the structure of Cirque du Soleil allows for creative people to come there from all over the world and be creative in order to deliver superior performances.

3. What are the challenges to Cirque’s continued growth and/or diversification?

The continued growth and/or diversification of Cirque du Soleil begin with the artist themselves. Cirque offers the artist a new life that allows them to perform in a very dialectic way, while learning how to expand, how to blow up, and how to be in touch with who they are. The new life offered to the artists, gives Cirque du Soleil the necessary edge to diversify its acts, and to growth around the globe without losing its glamour.
Furthermore, to expand and develop its market, the Cirque’s management team has tried the decentralization of its operations, dividing its team into three parts: North America, Asia, and Europe. However, in Asia, Cirque du Soleil couldn’t achieve the same satisfactory results obtained in other regions of the globe, in part because of the

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