Luna Park Business Report Essays

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Table of Contents

1.0 Executive summary

2.0 Situational analysis
2.1 SWOT
2.2 Product life cycle

3.0 Market research
3.1 Primary market research
3.2 Secondary market research

4.0 Market objectives

5.0 Target market
5.1 Primary
5.2 Secondary

6.0 Marketing strategies
6.1 Product
6.2 Price
6.3 Promotion
6.4 Place
6.5 People
6.6 Processes
6.7 Physical evidence

7.0 Recommendations

8.0 Implementation, monitoring and control

1.0 Executive summary

In this Business Report for Luna Park, the reader would become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the amusement park, as well as opportunities for the feature and threats to the company.

Luna Park would be considered to be in the maturity phase of a
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3.2 Secondary market research

The secondary market research done by Luna Park could involve statistical interpretation, analysis and study both the internal and external data such as customer feedback and reports regarding the number of customers through the park in a day. Financial statements and sales reports also help as secondary market research.

4.0 Market objectives

Luna Park has very realistic goals that can be easily achieved through hard work. These goals are:
1. Increase in sales and revenue
2. Increasing market share while maintaining margins
3. Expanding the product mix
4. Maximizing customer service

5.0 Target market
Luna Park has an attraction to customers due to the rides and memorabilia the amusement park offers. The entrance of Luna Park also is able to entice customers as they walk through to enter the park.

5.1 Primary

The primary targets for Luna Park are families with young children aged between 8 - 14 as well as tourists. Luna Park provides the possibility of going on colorful rides and purchasing memorabilia from the gift store to entice customers, this provides an incentive for many to come and visit the park.

5.2 Secondary

The secondary target market for Luna Park is that of the young children’s parents as well as their older siblings as well as corporate people experiencing Luna Park on a ‘corporate day’. Adults have the ability to go on all of

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