Cis207 Week 1 Paper

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The Flow of Information

Organizations today use information in more than ways than one can count. Information is so important today because it is used by organizations and businesses to keep everyday business processes and day-to-day operations running smooth and without glitches. As I have looked at many business and organizational sources both in person and on the internet, I have found that a large majority of these have the information flow start at the top in the executive area. This is what I like to call the trickle-down effect. Information is set to flow among the business and organization and starts at the top and goes all the way to the bottom. During that time, information can be changed to allow only that
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Many organizations and businesses today have an IT security system in place along with other security measures to keep their data and information safe from external access. As in the case with the Freedom Mission, Inc. Many security policies and security measures are in place to protect the vital information of the organization and its clients. Because of the increased technology that we now have available, it is so important for organizations to have these policies and measures in place. These start with having a secure place to store that information. This place could be a hard drive that is stored in a server room that is under lock and key. With having a room like that, other physical measures must be in place and the control of access to that room must be in place. With the world today, there are many ways for computer hackers to access your personal information and the information that businesses and organizations try to secure. Many different measures can be put into place to help protect from outside access to digitally stored information. Some of these measures include, firewalls, username and password entry keys, and more. One of the best ways to keep information from being stolen would be to store that information on a network that is only allowed internal access and not through the

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