City On A Hill Myth Essay

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The City on a Hill myth has been used throughout time to embed a sense of hope and power in communities. It can even be used to explain why groups of people feel they are able to transform or even colonize communities to that which best fits their ideal descriptions. Although the myth’s primary purpose may have been to unite a nation of people together and give communities a sense of purpose, it continues to isolate and even condemn those who do not fit into a community’s certain standard of what an ideal member (of that community) should be or act like. To understand how the myth installs a sense of power and hope in communities, one must first understand how the myth came to be. The idea and statement, “City on a Hill” stems from …show more content…

[This] shall keep the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace” (Winthrop, 304-307). After this speech the Puritans felt a sort of power to shine and influence the other European nations. In England they felt religious and social restraints which were no longer present in the new settlement so they wanted to share and model this idea and freedom that their “city on a hill” brought. The speech also installed the need for a strong, united community, one in which everyone succeeded and struggled together in hopes that this togetherness would make their city even stronger. They truly believed that they were a model example, and that others should too be like them. Aside from wanting to be an influence on other European nations, Puritan/ Protestant believers also believed in being a model for native communities. However, instead of being a “beacon of light” that the natives would look upon and think “ we should be like them”, they forced certain ideas and thoughts to the natives so that the could reflect and assimilate into their communities. During the British colonization of the natives, those who did not fit the definition of colonized were seen as barbaric or savage. To the Protestants, the natives did not act the way an ideal human should so they believed that they ,being ideal people, should help in transforming

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