Civil Disobedience Research Papers

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Civil disobedience plays a positive, important and vital role in maintaining an active, passionate and free society. In the past it's course has shown to encourage and escort a variety of social reforms into developed stages that would be inferably unachievable without the roles that the right to civil disobedience has played. The framework of our country acts to prevent factions for fear of an inherent violent nature of displeased citizens. However civil disobedience proves the capabilities of a dissatisfied public to organize without relying on brutal force. Peaceful demonstrations display what I believe to be the core of our country. Land of the free, advocate of freedom of speech, and the right of the people to assemble peacefully; America…show more content…
From demolishing slavery to succeeding in African American and women's suffrage, the equality our nation pride's itself on owes much thanks to our right to peaceful demonstrations. Following this recent election I think that civil disobedience will be examined heavily once again as an increasing amount of citizens have begun to participate in recent protests and marches in reaction to the president's actions. Similar to the motivation of key people before us such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, the unfaltering mission stemming from each of these protests or marches is an inexplicable fear of an abuse of power on individual…show more content…
Those who argue against the motives of civil disobedience assume a shared contempt and disrespect for the law. Personally I do not disagree with this past statement. Though I do believe that this contempt is imperative to the nature of change itself. I think it is necessary to recognize that those who participate in such acts of civil disobedience, acknowledge the hefty importance of the matter they are protesting, and are readily willing to put it above their respect for other laws in that moment. I do not believe it is rooted in a disrespect for the American system, but rather a realization that an abuse or violation of basic rights calls the entirety of our nation's morals into question. Crucial to preserving and furthering the fight of equality that has been going on for so long, I firmly stand with the belief that civil disobedience has benefited our society greatly, and will continue to do so for many, many
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