Civil Engineering Purpose Statement

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Statement of Purpose It is certainly true that, in a developing country like Nepal, after completing high school education, students opt to pursue either medical or engineering degree with a hope that they will enhance their economic status with high-paid jobs. However, my affinity for mathematics and science swayed me towards civil engineering. Ever since my high school education, I was fascinated about landmarks such a lofty Itaipu Dam, Kansai Airport, and those of Indian engineers who skillfully designed the metro system and mitigated the problems faced due to traffic congestion in such a densely populated country. Upon completion of civil engineering from Tribhuwan University, I was ambivalent about pursuing MS in Civil Engineering. I was …show more content…

Without a shadow of doubt, my experience in site works throughout my working career, with an exception of the first year experience, directs me to pursue MS in Construction Engineering and Management. In addition, my first year experience in computer related works will also play a pivotal role in handling computer aided assignments in the Graduate School. Around Nepal, construction projects are increasing precipitously and ever- larger capital projects are being undertaken. Better project management and technological innovations can improve the chances of success; however, glib knowledge relating to construction productivity, management of materials, workforce and machinery, insufficient risk management, flawed performance management and poor short term planning has thwarted the pace of development works in my country. Therefore, with the combination of working experience in Qatar and India and graduate degree, I am pertinacious to root-out the project delays which are detrimental to the development of my …show more content…

Serendipitously I could interact with the college representative of University of Colorado Boulder at the fair and be familiar with the extravagant college facilities. Similarly, an extremely distinguished faculty and the facilities provided there seem to foster an opportunity to educate myself as a research person and a challenge to transfer the acquired knowledge to my home country so that I will be able to tackle the vast array of problems regarding managerial challenges with the virtue of my expertise. Since I am familiar to working in multi-cultural environment in Qatar, I will be able to learn as well as give my professional ideas to the ones I encounter. My research interest towards productivity enhancement, workforce strategies, and construction methods allures me to works under the assistantship of Professor Paul Goodrum. Because overall cost of studying in University of Colorado Boulder is prohibitively expensive, it would be an honor and a privilege to receive any financial assistance in the form of assistantship or fellowship which you give to international applicants. Upon completion of my course at University of Colorado Boulder, I have a strong propensity to work as

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