Civil War Causes

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During the nineteenth century, the United States made many technological advancements, but modern medical practices and treatment methods are indebted to the Civil War. This war is known for its non-hygienic and stagnant ways because of the challenges and severity posed by the wounds, infections, and diseases that both the Union and Confederate States experienced. While hundreds of thousands of soldiers died during the Civil War, most resulted from diseases that were untreatable and oblivious to medical personnel. Soldiers in the war not only had to fight in combat but also battle disease, which pushed America to reevaluate their practices and theories to care for those in the field.
The American Civil War is taught to students throughout the United States; this important and dreadful war is one that is often misunderstood or forgotten. There were a number of events that contributed to the uprising of the Civil War, some of which included the following: the future of slavery, the Dred Scott Decision, Missouri Compromise, Abraham Lincoln’s presidential election, and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel. Many of these causes occurred just before the war and slavery was the preeminent reason that created the uproar. The South sought to remain a predominantly rural and agrarian economy, on the other hand, the North was becoming industrialized and factory production was rising. Lasting nearly four years, the Civil War began in part to the election of Republican nominee Abraham Lincoln,
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