Civil War Weaponry

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What military technology introduced aided the Union in winning the Civil War? The American Civil War was a war over the secession of the Confederacy. The Confederate States of America were formed after 11 slave states declared their secession due to the election of an Anti-Slavery republican as president. The remaining 25 states formed the Union. Weapons such as the Gatling Gun, repeating rifle, which gave soldier the ability to fire multiple rounds without reloading, railroads and telegraphs, which played large factors in means of transportation of information as well as supplies, and the “minie ball”, a new type of ammunition, which caused immense and mortal wounds on the battlefield, were being developed, all aided the Union in…show more content…
The Union would transport soldiers, guns, ammunition, medical and other supplies all across the Northern States and to the front lines. The tracks in the North were also known as “standardized”, meaning any type of train could run on it, in contrast to the South, where the tracks were not, which mean supplies or people had to switch cars in order to continue on the tracks. This made the Northern system very effective, as opposed to the weakly constructed and inefficient system. Many soldiers were employed to guard the tracks from Confederate Forces. The telegraph was widely used during the Civil War, and was an important resource used by the Union. The immediate need for long distance communication was apparent on both sides. In spite of this, the corps, which at the outbreak of the war consisted of Major Meyer alone, eventually grew to some three hundred officers and twenty-five hundred men, and performed a vital service to the Union. Signaling on both sides was done with flags, rockets, flares and torches. Messages were often coded and then deciphered due to the fact that they were visible to the enemy. But these codes were changed constantly because cryptographers on both sides were constantly trying to decipher the messages. Because of this, the Union was able to keep messages coded and was able to execute maneuvers in
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