Civil and Social Disobedience Essay

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Civil disobedience is it the answer to big government control or the bigger problem to today society. This is what we all must ask ourselves in this situation to look ahead for the future.
These are all questions we must look into ourselves and find the answer between the courage we have to get off the beaten path to the police that so called that protect us to even injustifiable traitors such as Edward snowden. These instantces are the ones that make a difference in todays society. All in all we are all Americans and have rights. The draft a long ago status we used to keep military numbers high in the need of war some young men were sent to places they didn't want to go such as vietnam. This broke massive protests against the war
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So they beleive we may do what we want. Although as Americans we all must treat each other with fellow respect to live together. Now in some cases such as riots police are forced to do things to calm it down and disperse the crowds in anyway possible. Such as Martin luther kings black rights speech to were african American citizens should have equal rights to those of white American citizens this was a changing tide for those who were gathered up by the police and beaten. the men who thought they were above the law. Although when cases that they actually got what they deserved for breaking laws. Laws are there to keep us in place but one has to decide when it is taken to far to decide Americans must strike back. The machine is strong the machine has secrets the machine is impenetrable. Thats what most people think as the government as a giant big bad machine that create the rules we all must live by but when has the machine gone to far when and where does it stop for those who run it. The ones who create the laws must obey them for they have created these laws for they have thought of them so its only right for the machine to obey its own laws but when the machine breaks its own laws where is the justice. This is where a Hacktivist comes in for those who can do nothing in the civil disobedience for the machine. They can break those laws to make it more right for the common
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