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Running Head: Unit 5 Assignment 1

Unit 5 Assignment
Dale Hayes
Kaplan University

CJ440 Crisis Intervention: Unit 5 Assignment
Professor Patricia Wachtendorf
July 8, 2013

Running Head: Unit 5 Assignment 2
Role of Law Enforcement in Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention Training came from the deadly results between law enforcement and mentally unstable individuals. This training gives them the tools to be able to identify people with various kinds of mental illness. These illnesses include but are not limited to anxiety disorder, mood
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The officer was able to get the vet to identify with him by comparing their jobs and what each one dealt with as a result. He also thanked the vet for his service and the sacrifices he made. At that point he was able to take him into custody.(Carlson, 2012
The officer also was able to give the family some resources by letting them know about the services that their local Veterans Center officers. He also went back to visit them and brought brochures from the center for them to read. The officer said without taking the training it would not have had the peaceful ending that it did.
Roles of the Crisis worker The role of a crisis worker is to get the clients back to where they were mentally before a traumatic event. This is don’t by implementing certain skills. These skills are in the form of the six step crisis intervention model.
Step one is defining the problem. This means that you need to see the current crisis the way that the client is seeing it right now. In this step you need to employ what is known as core listening skills, being empathetic, being genuine and showing acceptance or positive regard for their situation.(James, 2004)

Running Head: Unit 5 Assignment 5
Step two is making sure that the client is safe. This is done by making sure that the

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