Cléo From 5 To 7: Melodrama As A French Film Genre

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Films are divided by different genres – “a French word meaning ‘type’ or ‘kind’” (Neale Stephen, 7), including melodrama, comedy, and tragedy. Genre has occupied an important place in the study of the cinema for over thirty years. One of the biggest genres that has been evolved over the years and has many implications is melodrama. “As a theatrical genre, melodrama came into existence in the late eighteenth century in France and Germany” (Neale Stephen, 184). In the following century melodrama genre has spread and developed quick from France to Britain, America, and the rest of Europe. The melodrama “initial definition was both formal and specific: melodrama was a dramatic passage, scene or play in which at first spoken dialogue, then later…show more content…
This directly associate and linked with feminine rather then masculine concerns. Thus, melodrama are often focuses on woman, and mostly written by women. Cléo from 5 to 7 is a French film that has a unique glams photographic and cinematic style, which is part of the French New Wave. Cléo from 5 to 7 written and directed by Agnès Varda, a French pioneer of feminist cinema. Varda made a feminist portrait of a women way before its time. What makes it extraordinary film is the way Varda structured the film with real time within the story. Varda bring to the film her previous photography experience. Cléo from 5 to 7 is beautifully photographed and choreographed with a jazz soundtrack as the camera following Cléo through the streets of Paris following her journey of discovery. Varda smartly combined documentary footage to create a narrative of fiction. Another beautiful and smart contribution that Vdara added to the film is the free spirited and playful touches of clever cuts including the epilogue at the beginning of the film which filmed in colors, while the rest of the film is filmed in black and white in order to explore the silent film within a…show more content…
Mildred Pierce emotionally involved with her daughter. She is always there to protect her and do anything for her, and devotes her life for her even though sometimes is too much, and her daughter does not appreciate it, nor want her in her
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