Film Analysis Of The Romantic Genre And Movie Rocky

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Genre theory is used to study films and put them into a classification so that audiences know what type of film it is before they see it. Genres are categories based on the story of the film, sometimes the actors and actresses, or even the directors. All films fall under a genre or sub-genre category. Romantic Comedy is an example of a genre which is light-hearted, humorous story involving people in love, sometimes overlapping with subgenres such as screwball comedy teen comedy, or gross-out comedy. ( Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014, table 4.1). This paper will focus on the romantic comedy genre and movie Rocky. It will take a better look at the specific conventions of this genre and how this movie fits the gangster genre. Romantic comedy films create a comic climate through a series of cues to the audience: subject matter is treated as trivial, jokes and physical humor make fun of events, and characters are protected from harm (Grindon Leger (2015). Romantic comedy films usually have a couple that meet and fall in love in some way throughout the movie. In the movie Rocky Sylvester Stallone as Rocky meets Adrian at the pet shop and realizes she is the women he wants to be with. Rocky is a want to be boxer at the time who wants to be a professional boxer and knows Adrian’s brother from the gym. When Rocky sees Adrian through the window of the pet shop he uses the excuse that he buys a fish and asks her out. Adrian agrees and she is a very bashful lady, she dresses and looks very homely. Rocky and Adrian starting dating and she supports him through his boxing career. The couple falls in love and they get married. Adrian starts dressing nice and gets contacts to the point you see her transform into a beautiful lady by the end of the film. The genre of Romantic comedy is pairing two individuals into a couple with some comedy which Rocky proves to have. The comedy part would be where Adrian asks Rocky why he boxes and he says “because he can’t dance or sing”. Throughout the film there are little conventions to show the comedy. The film Rocky the first convention would be the setting. In the film it is set in 1976 in the low income part of Philadelphia. This shows the Rocky and Adrian started out
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